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Ahmad Sururi | Sabtu, 20 April 2013 - 21:41:50 WIB | dibaca: 1619 pembaca



All ILF English Instructors are the result of the Teacher Training and Development Division, which are always monitored, supervised and observed through lesson planning consultation with the seniors scheduled regularly, in order to ensure The Standard Teaching Learning Activities and Proper Teaching Aids used in dealing with teaching the students every session based on the material they are presenting. As the result, the school is able to maintain "The Most Attractive and Communicative Teaching Learning" atmosphere in class.


Training Session

Training Session is a strategic move made by ILF to new teachers received by ILF. This is done so that teachers can carry out the task as well as possible in accordance with the policies that have been made by the ILF.


Up Grading Session

Up Grading Session is a regular program undertaken by ILF to involve all teachers. This is done so that the quality of the teaching is done by teachers within the ILF will always be maintained so that student learning outcomes will remain intact.


Classroom Observation

In order to maintain all teachers in the best performance, ILF  has always held Classroom Observation of  the teachers on a regular basis.

Classroom Observation done; junior teacher for junior teacher, senior teacher of the junior teacher or a senior teacher of the senior teacher.