Learning Methods

Ahmad Sururi | Sabtu, 20 April 2013 - 22:09:30 WIB | dibaca: 1488 pembaca

International Language Foundation (ILF) are here to provide the best service to the community in support of English. With the approach of “Learning While Playing”, then  studying English at ILF is very interesting, exciting and unforgettable ILF has developed learning materials in the form of Course Work Book and Hand Outs with extremely systematic and practical so it will be very easy for students to understand and master the subject matter that has been studied so that the student will turn be able to master 4 Main components of language acquisition, namely: Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading.

As a One Stop Learning Institution, ILF uses international English language teaching methods, well-trained and professional teaching staff, communicative subject matters and student centered with the syllabus and course material tailored to the needs at each level.

By using the latest approach to the concept of “Learning While playing” as well as measures of teaching premeditated, ILF believes the learning process will be very interesting and the material taught will be more easily understood by students.

 The students become perpetrators in the process of teaching in the classroom. They will always be involved in every stage of learning. Thus, Student's Talking Time (STT) will be dominant and reduce the Teacher's Talking Time (TTT). This meant that the ability to speak, listen, write and read will develop to the maximum.