ILF History

Ahmad Sururi | Jumat, 19 April 2013 - 18:59:26 WIB | dibaca: 1922 pembaca

Founded on January 1, 2000 with the name of Intensive English Programs (IEP) located at Zamrud Utara I No.125 Dukuh Zamrud Bekasi.


Slowly but surely IEP got tremendous public trust not only from those who live at Dukuh  Zamrud Housing Complex but also the people living around the complex and those who live relatively far from the IEP.


Public trust in the IEP by registering beloved sons and daughters no doubt make a Market Leader IEP although there are a number of English courses in the vicinity.

Credence given to IEP necessarily based on empirical evidence the existence of IEP as English school.


With deeply understand the meaning of the trust that has been given to the IEP we are determined to continue to uphold that trust by improving services to all students consistently.


Until now ILF has rapidly been developing and opening some branches in Bekasi and its visinity.

Along with the IEP development, so on January 9,2008, IEP registered the Corporate Body as the Foundation which backs up the school operational programs namely Chitra Edutama Foundation with the Public Notary Rosita Siagian,SH.


As the development of the IEP as an English language school and the surrounding community dynamics, then on October 10, 2010 opened Chinese division.


IEP development and the dynamics of the surrounding community and the opening of the Chinese division then make an excuse to change the name of the language school that has been serving for to the community.12 years.

So, starting from April 2013, Intensive English Program (IEP) turned into International Language Foundation (ILF) based on Decree of the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.
The Change of the name INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAMS (IEP) to INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE FOUNDATION (ILF) effective from April 2013 simultaneously in all branches.


Of the above changes do not change the name of the program and the methodology used and will not reduce the seriousness of the commitment to give the best service to the public in accordance with the motto "W'll Extra Do Ordinary Work".