ILF Outing Class

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Extra Curricular Activities

ILF has some extracurricular activities which are conducted regularly, and can be attended by all ILF students. They are:

1.     Study Club

2.     Sunday Meeting

3.     Outing Class


Study Club

Study Club Is one of the Extra Curricular Program. It is intended to improve the ability of students in four aspects, namely Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.

Besides aims to improve students' speaking skills, the program also aims to help school students so that they get better English point.

Study Club is held  every Wednesday afternoon or evening. This program is for all ILF studentsand and Free Of Charge.


Sunday Meeting

Besides Study Club, the other ILF Extra Curricular Program is Sunday Meeting held every 4 months. Although there are differences from Regular Classroom and Study Club.

Sunday Meeting is intended to improve students’s language skills through an exiting event packed with various activities in the classroom. Like Study Club, this program is also Free Of Charge.


Outing Class

Besides Study Club and Outing Class, there is another program which not less interesting than the others. It is Outing Class program. Unlike Study Club and Sunday Meeting, Outing Class is held 1 year.

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